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An idea

We design based on your business plan , idea or concept. Starting with a good conversation and the right amount of coffee.

Let speak

A logo that speaks for you. In one fell swoop told what your company stands for. That is what we are looking for. It has to click with you, but also with your target audience


The design process happens in phases with the associated conversations. A real logo design step-by-step plan is required here


We can also have your logo redesigned

I am so glad I turned on Blitzerz! It was great to get help from Alexander to design my logo. I had made a plan myself but was still looking for further details. Alexander asked the right questions, did his own research and designed the image that I could not shape. In addition, he also provided a lot of information about what you can do with the logo and really took the time to help me as best he could. A fantastic and fast designer that I would recommend to everyone!

- Natascha de Vries


We have been designing logos, corporate identities and printed matter for all kinds of companies for some years now. It is one of our specializations and passions. For us, a logo is a challenge that we take on with pleasure. A serious matter that indicates the beginning or a new beginning of your organization.

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood
Foggy Pier
Tekengebied 10
Tekengebied 9
Tekengebied 7
Tekengebied 8
Tekengebied 5
Tekengebied 6
Tekengebied 4
Tekengebied 3
Tekengebied 2
Tekengebied 1 kopiëren 14
Artha Green
Klopper Timmerman | Montage
Groots Wonen
Dr. Darkness.
DJ Alec Bryar
DJ Raphaela Brown & Miss Brown
Suits Amsterdam
Voce Coaching
Zangeres Emy Perez
BR Jaarmarkten
Rock & Roll Circus
JB Seeds
Achilles investment group
Bubbels & Bites
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